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Learn what to watch for and what actions you should take if you suspect you need garage restoration.

If you are a facility manager for a large structure, you are likely responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of its parking structures. Many office and housing buildings include parking structures that provide their patrons with security for their cars and other belongings. However, these structures, which are built of concrete and steel, need occasional attention in order to remain secure. There are several indications you could watch for to know if you might need garage restoration:

Garage Restoration in Vaughan, Ontario

  • Water leakage or pooling water – Rust on exposed metals or rust stains on walls and efflorescence are all signs that you have water leaking in your parking garage and repairs need to occur. You may also have problems that need to be addressed quickly if you have spots with pooling water.
  • Cracked, delaminated, or spalled concrete – Concrete cracks are not uncommon. When a piece of concrete detaches from the structure it is called delaminated or spalled concrete. They represent areas of weakness that can lead to extensive, costly structural damage.
  • Visible rebar – Rebar is a reinforcing steel used to strengthen a structure. If rebar is exposed, it becomes vulnerable to water damage, which can lead to corrosion and damage to the concrete around it. This must be addressed very quickly to prevent the problem from continuing to grow.

If you see these or other indications of problems in your Vaughan, Ontario parking garage, reach out to our team at Belanger Engineering for garage restoration. We have the extensive and varied experience you need to ensure any problem can be correctly evaluated and corrected. We will provide you with personalized attention and workmanship that exceeds your expectations. Reach out to us today to begin plans for your garage restoration or to learn about our other engineering services.

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