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A building’s envelope provides resistance to climate and weather conditions, essentially keeping the outside from getting in.

Preparation Work Shoring Perimeter WallsBuilding Envelopes – Having more control over the indoor environment helps to make it more comfortable for the occupants. This is more important in our Canadian climate as an effective building envelope not only provides comfort for its occupants, it also reduces energy loss allowing for cost savings associated with heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. A well designed building envelope will resist water penetration and condensation within the walls, problems that could ultimately lead to damaged structural components and mold. These issues can be expensive to correct and could lead to health and safety concerns. Careful consideration should be placed on building envelope to ensure that maxim efficiency is achieved through energy savings, lifespan and economic design. Without addressing these areas in relation to an appropriate building envelope design, building owners will feel the effects of less efficiency and greater financial strain when dealing with a sub par building envelope.

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