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Do you have Kitec® piping in your building? Call us for review and replacement.

The Kitec® plumbing system, consisting of both pipes and fittings, was widely used in Canadian homes and condominiums built (or extensively renovated) between 1995 and 2007. It became a popular alternative to copper due to its inexpensive cost, simple installation, and corrosion resistance. However, over time, the Kitec® system was found to be prone to instances of premature failure of the pipes and fittings, and it is no longer manufactured or sold.

Kitec® Piping Review & Replacement in Toronto, Ontario

The most common cause of failure of the Kitec® system is the brass alloy fittings: the alloy in the fittings, consisting of copper and zinc, fails as a result of a chemical reaction known as “dezincification”. As water flows through the brass fittings, the zinc dissolves out of the brass alloy, resulting in corrosion and ultimately, premature failure. In other cases, the pipes themselves have been found to split, opening up lengthwise like a zipper and causing extensive flooding.

If you have concerns that your building has Kitec® piping somewhere within its plumbing system, let our team at Belanger Engineering see you through the Kitec® piping review & replacement process. We will determine if your building has this type of plumbing, recommend appropriate solutions, and if necessary, provide engineering services for replacement of the Kitec® system (including specifications, tendering, and construction field review) to prevent serious water damage at your building.

Our talented team has extensive experience in all phases of engineering for Kitec® review & replacement projects, and we urge you not to wait to get started with this process. Contact us at Belanger Engineering now to schedule your review!

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