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We carry out Condition Assessments and Repair Planning for buildings and individual building components.

Condition Assessments & Repair Planning, Toronto, ON Condition Assessments & Repair Planning – The reports include detailed explanations of existing conditions, recommended repair philosophies, repair/replacement estimates and any other pertinent information that will aid the owner in the decision making process.

Typically, the next step involves obtaining pricing from suitably qualified contractors to carry out any repair work that we deem to be required at the time of our condition assessment. Whether it is your parking garage, walls, balconies or roof that is in need of repairs, we have an ample number of high quality contractors that can carry out whatever repairs you require. This can range from simplistic forms that cover minor repairs to larger, six or seven figure projects that encompass a more comprehensive tender package and set of specifications.

Once prices are obtained and a contractor is selected to complete the repairs, we will make sure that the terms of the work are adequately followed according to specifications we provide in order to maintain a desirable level of quality in the building repair. We also approve all contractor invoicing to ensure that you are billed correctly and do not incur any unnecessary extra costs.

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FAQs About Condition Assessments & Repair Planning

Our condition assessments & repair planning services at Belanger Engineering can help you successfully maintain your building and increase the longevity of its components. If you are getting ready to schedule a condition assessment with us, review the following FAQs about this service below.

What do your reports include?
Our assessment reports include detailed explanations of your building’s existing condition. We also include recommended repair options, as well as repair/replacement estimates to help you make informed decisions about how to take care of your building.
What next steps should I take?
Once you review your condition assessment report, we recommend obtaining pricing quotes from qualified contractors.
Do you have contractors I can use?

Yes! We have a large network of contractors you can partner with to carry out the repairs your building needs, whether the work involves your balconies, parking garage, walls, or even your roof. As the contractor moves forward with the repairs, we will make sure they abide by our specifications to ensure a high level of quality work.

Do you approve contractor invoicing?
We do! Any time your contractor invoices you, we approve the charge to make sure your organization is billed correctly, and no unnecessary costs are incurred.
How do I get started with a condition assessment?
The first step is to contact us directly. We will talk to you more about what the condition assessment and repair planning process entails before scheduling your initial assessment.

At Belanger Engineering, we offer condition assessments & repair planning services in Toronto, GTA, Mississauga, Vaughan, Markham, and Ajax, Ontario.