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Ontario Building Code and National Fire Code require regular smoke control equipment testing.

A smoke control system is a requirement for commercial buildings in the Toronto, Ontario area. It must conform to the Ontario Building Code and National Fire Code for controlling smoke movement at a prescribed rate in an interconnected floor space in the event of a fire. These systems do not operate by guesswork, but instead through careful design at implementation and with regular smoke control equipment testing to ensure the system will function as it should.

Smoke Control Equipment Testing in Toronto, Ontario

At Belanger Engineering, we offer a variety of condition assessments, energy audits, and performance audits, including smoke control equipment testing. Our experienced team ensures that your building is safe, compliant with building codes, and as energy efficient as possible.

During smoke control equipment testing, we are determining whether your system will keep smoke out of the areas first responders and occupants utilize during evacuation. We test the various components, including pressurization fans, automatic door openers, relays, and more. We are checking to see if the system was installed properly and that it is operating as it should. We will also make any recommendations for needed maintenance or repairs based on our observations.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Smoke Control Equipment Testing [infographic]

It is important to note that fire departments have become more diligent in checking buildings to see if they have had recent smoke control equipment testing performed. If you haven’t, you’ll be served with an order to do so and resolve any issues immediately. You can avoid the need to get this done in a tight timeline by reaching out today and scheduling an appointment with us for smoke control equipment testing.


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