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engineering servicesKristen | Mechanical E.I.T. with 4 years tenure

I joined Belanger Engineering the summer after graduating from university. The best thing about Belanger is having the freedom to schedule your time to complete your work.  The company is flexible and supportive, and I receive ongoing learning on the job, so I’m constantly applying my knowledge and learning other disciplines, like civil engineering.

Paul is very knowledgeable and a great mentor. Working with other staff members is great, as well. It’s really good to work outside your discipline. The constant learning and diversity means I am really using my degree and being a true engineer!

This a great environment to work in and never gets boring. We are good learners at Belanger Engineering!

Tyson | Manager of Eng. Services with 5 years tenure

I had another job all lined up in my last year at the University of Waterloo.   The company told me a week before I was going to start that the job was no longer available. After a mad scramble, I found Belanger Engineering.  The level of opportunity in restoration was interesting to me.   I applied to Belanger Engineering and a competitor.  When I had offers for both, the choice was pretty clear– I wanted to work at Belanger Engineering to grow my career because of the boutique nature of the business, the more intimate nature of working with the company president, and the wide variety of projects I’d be working on.  The other firm tended to group people into a single discipline, where you miss out on other aspects of jobs.  I didn’t want to be pigeonholed – I wanted to be a practicing and consulting engineer, and that’s what Belanger has helped me become.

My favorite thing about Belanger is the overall opportunity.  I am able to create my own destiny here at BE.  The trust and knowledge of the staff and the ability to work on different aspects of the project makes the job consistently exciting.  I am able to be a real engineer, I am empowered in my work, and I benefit from a team that is knowledgeable and cares about their employees.  I 100% got my P.Eng. here at BE and was able to do that because of the support from BE.  I continue to grow my career at BE.  I’ve been moved into a management position here, and growing into this role has been engaging and rewarding.

My advice:

  • BE a practicing engineer.
  • BE empowered.
  • BEcome an engineer with Belanger Engineering.
  • Realize your full potential.

Vlad D. | E.I.T.

I came in for an interview at Belanger Engineering after being referred by a friend, and they offered me a co-op. I am now a full-time engineer.

I slowly learned building science, building work, and restoration work. It has involved lots of training and baby steps. It’s a great combination of theory and practice here at BE–you have things on paper, but then you go out there and see how these things transpose into real life, and that’s amazing.

The development of diplomatic skills and interactions with real clients, combined with the ability to share the engineering knowledge I have and using that in the field, means I’m taking my engineering skills and using them. I am a real, practicing engineer.

My success at BE has everything to do with the buildings I get access to, the buildings I’m able to learn about, and the opportunity to go onsite and interact with the building process.  Then I take that and talk to the clients, help them understand, and also learn from them.  The modifications I’ve had to do, the different layouts/drawings, and the full spectrum of experience here at BE is phenomenal.

Working at BE is a great opportunity for building on my engineering experience, taking the theory and getting the experience to support my P.Eng.  The company is supportive of me and my career progression and gives me a broad range of experience. The best thing about BE is the combination of the projects I get to be on and the people I get to work with – the broad exposure is the #1 attraction!

I can’t imagine just sitting in a cubicle, pushing paper around.  What’s on paper doesn’t always translate into the field, but the problem solving skills and field skills I am learning, plus the human factor, are crucial. This is where the real engineering is: at BE!