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By turning over smoke control maintenance to our team, you can ensure compliance and safety.

All commercial buildings located in the Toronto, Ontario area are legally required to have smoke control systems. This type of system helps to control smoke movement at a designated rate in interconnected floors of a structure if a fire breaks out. The purpose is to keep smoke out of areas where first responders and occupants may be during the initial stages of evacuation. A smoke control system must be carefully and properly designed to work correctly and protect those who inhabit the space. The Ontario Building Code and National Fire Code both apply to the installation and implementation of this type of system, which also must be tested regularly to maintain compliance.

Smoke Control Maintenance in Toronto, Ontario

Many commercial building owners and property managers don’t have the skills or equipment needed to perform regular testing. Instead, many of these individuals rely on our experienced team at Belanger Engineering to provide smoke control maintenance and testing services. Our services include condition assessments, performance audits, and energy audits, all of which can play a role in how your smoke control and other vital systems operate. When performing smoke control maintenance, we’ll test various components and ensure that they’re all working properly. We can also check to make sure that the system was installed correctly and is currently operating as it should to move the smoke.

Local fire departments have increased their inspections of buildings to ensure that all are in compliance with these stringent regulations. By turning over smoke control maintenance to our team, you can ensure compliance and safety.

At Belanger Engineering, we offer smoke control maintenance services in Toronto, GTA, Mississauga, Markham, and Ajax, Ontario.