Mechanical Engineering, Mississauga, ON

We hire mechanical engineering graduates in Mississauga, ON with knowledge and experience in creating and redesigning products.

mechanical engineeringMechanical engineering was recently ranked on the U.S. News & World Report list of best jobs in the United States. Here in Canada, it is also one of the fastest growing and highest paying jobs for university graduates who hold bachelor’s degrees. Most successful mechanical engineers got into the industry because of a fascination and curiosity about how things work. Many of those working in this industry started looking at devices and even toys in childhood to determine the way the pieces fit together to make a finished product. Mechanical engineers are also excellent problem solvers.

The job tasks for a mechanical engineer might include designing, researching, building, developing, and testing components and finished devices to ensure they work correctly. If something goes awry during the building and/or testing phase, engineers must apply problem-solving skills to figure out how to make the item work. During the educational process, a mechanical engineer will learn a lot about physics, trigonometry, calculus, and other math and science topics. This helps students learn more about the principles of things, so they better understand how they can work together.

If you are in need of a mechanical engineer to help you on a project, our team at Belanger Engineering would be happy to help you. We hire mechanical engineering graduates with knowledge and experience in creating and redesigning products. We proudly serve the Mississauga, Ontario area.




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