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You can rest assured that our engineering team in Mississauga, ON will do everything in their power to account for your best interests.

EngineeringEngineering – At Belanger Engineering, we are a building science engineering firm that serves the Mississauga, Ontario area. Our two main areas of expertise include building repair and performance improvements. Whether you turn to us for assistance transforming the structural, mechanical, or electrical components of an existing structure or need assistance with a new building’s systems, you can rest assured that our engineering team will do everything in their power to account for your best interests.

At our engineering firm, we are known for the creative, innovative, and practical approach we take while developing design plans. When you work with us, we ensure that every aspect of your project meets and exceeds your expectations, as well as the expectations of those who use your building. We combine technical expertise with local market knowledge to ultimately create building design plans that will combine your needs and particular project specifics to produce functional and cost-effective solutions.

Although our skills are highly varied, there are two main types of engineering services that we provide. These include building systems services and building review and financial planning. When you take advantage of our building review and financial planning services, we can conduct energy audits, performance audits, repair planning, condition assessments and more. Comparatively, under the building systems category, we can perform structural system services, roof system design, and make sure that your building’s elevator complies with industry standards.

We are confident that your building’s systems will benefit from our team of proficient engineers. For more information about our different engineering services, please contact us today.









At Belanger Engineering, we offer engineering services in Toronto, GTA, Mississauga, Markham, Vaughan, and Ajax, Ontario.