Why and How Our Engineering Firm Adds Value to Any Building Project

One of the questions we get asked on a regular basis at our engineering firm is why having a professional engineer to help with a project is needed. Although there are a number of responses to this question, some of the key reasons why any project can benefit from our engineering firm’s expertise include the following:

  • In many jurisdictions, an engineer’s signoff or stamp of approval is needed before a building permit can be approved. By seeking this approval early on, you can avoid delays during the course of your building project.
  • If you work with our engineering firm, we will solidify a design for your project that is in line with local building and safety codes.
  • We will analyze your problem and come up with a safe, energy-efficient solution that boasts cost savings. When it comes down to it, the solution we come up with for you will use materials efficiently and effectively, so these cost savings can be achieved.
  • We will analyze the structural components of your building to ensure it is safe. We will also evaluate the condition of your building to draw a conclusion regarding the integrity of your structure.
  • Through the use of drawings and specifications, we can communicate the structural and mechanical aspects of your design plans to your contractor.
  • Our engineering firm can explain why certain structural elements need repair and make recommendations for how to fix them so your building remains efficient and compliant with local codes.