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Have an Engineering Firm on Your Team for Thorough Due Diligence

The economy in Canada is going to grow even more in the future, which has led to a rosy picture for commercial real estate investing. The GTA, in fact, is enjoying very low vacancy rates with experts projecting this to continue. If you have been a part of the commercial real estate market, you already know that performing thorough due diligence is vital. If this is your first “toe in the water” it is even more important to have professionals on your team during this important phase of commercial investing. One due diligence task you do not want to overlook is having an engineering firm look over the potential investment.

Often, investors think of an engineering company only in terms of new construction, but it is also important to know that a building you plan to purchase is structurally, mechanically, and electrically sound. You also want to know that it is up for the use you are intending, particularly if you have plans to change it from the use it was initially built for.

Here at Belanger Engineering, our team of electrical, mechanical, civil, and structural engineers is ready to help you make sure your next commercial real estate investment is the best place to put your money. We can also help with engineering projects you are planning for the property to let you know the feasibility and potential challenges involved. Our founder, Mr. Belanger, has more than three decades of experience doing repair and investigation work on residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. We are confident we can provide the engineering services you need to take advantage of the growing commercial real estate market.