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Great Engineering: The Backbone of Any Building
Engineering is possibly the most important part of building any structure.  The many different types of engineering required for a building project make up the backbone of the structure.  Structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers must all do their part to create a design that will perform as it should and last for years.

To engineer is to create.  Building engineering requires designs that will work together and create a flow of systems that keep things running smoothly behind the scenes of your home or workplace.  Great engineers find a way to simplify tasks and make processes efficient. Take a minute to appreciate the engineers that make your life easier.

  • Structural: Responsible for overseeing structural design, these engineers help to provide you with a solid framework that is stable and dependable.
  • Mechanical: Mechanical engineers design the heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for buildings. They also are responsible for the plumbing system (talk about a necessity for any building!).
  • Electrical: These guys provide the icing on the cake.  They come in and design electrical systems that will bring power everywhere you need it.  They have to make sure the wiring makes sense with what it will be used for in order to avoid the inconvenience of shorting a fuse.