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Garage Restoration

It is a common misconception that concrete is forever. If your parking garage was built many years ago, there could be signs that garage restoration will soon be necessary. Many things cause wear and tear on a parking garage, including vehicles leaking fluids, de-icing products used during the winter, drivers running into posts and walls, and even exterior forces, such as ground shifts and erosion. Here are some symptoms that you should call in a garage restoration professional to have your parking garage assessed and a plan of action determined:

  • Large Cracks – While smaller cracks are common as a parking garage ages and settles into place, these are relatively easy to deal with and repair. However, large cracks are more concerning as there could be something more going on. Whether you need concrete work, waterproofing, or something more involved, it is better to jump on it sooner rather than later.
  • Falling Concrete – The legal ramifications of not taking care of falling concrete could be more than you think. Don’t treat one chunk that has fallen as an isolated incident as it is indicative of a problem that will only result in more falling concrete. Don’t delay and call a garage restoration firm right away.
  • Damaged Floors – There are many dangers of ignoring damaged floors. If someone gets hurt or damages their vehicle because of a hole or other problem, you could be held liable. In addition, if your garage looks shabby, it reflects on your business. If people stop coming to you because they cannot stand your parking garage, the financial impact could be devastating.

If you would like to have your parking garage assessed to determine what garage restoration may be needed, call us at Belanger Engineering. We have more than 20 years of experience in the GTA with garage restoration projects and can meet all of your needs.