Signs You Need Our Professional Garage Restoration Services

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Deterioration is inevitable when it comes to parking garages. They are made from concrete and steel. They experience heavy traffic, which deposits water, oil and other substances throughout the structure. They are also exposed to weather, including extreme summer and winter temperatures and all types of precipitation. In the winter, they are likely to be exposed to salt and other de-icers as well.

Signs You Need Our Professional Garage Restoration Services

While deterioration is inevitable, it can be slowed with proper maintenance and periodic garage restoration services. The main goal of maintenance and garage restoration is to reduce the amount of water that permeates the concrete and comes into contact with the underlying reinforcing steel structure. Common problem areas are cracks in the concrete that allow water in, exposed rebar that rusts and weakens, failure at the expansion joints and water leaks or ponding water.

Regular maintenance like clear sealer application and deck coating can reduce the frequency of needing larger-scale garage restoration. Here are some other garage restoration measures that might be needed to reduce deterioration:

  • Repair or replace concrete and underlying structure
  • Install new or replace existing expansion joints
  • Injections of epoxy or chemical grout
  • Using shotcrete (spray applied concrete)
  • Installing sacrificial galvanic anodes


Whether you are trying to create a regular maintenance schedule for your garage or if you need advice about larger garage restoration measures, it is always a good idea to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable professional. Safety and stability are key and can be undermined by natural weathering and deterioration over time.