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Which Type of Engineering Careers Are Best to Study?

Getting on the path to a career in engineering is exciting, especially since engineering professionals are in demand just about everywhere. One of your decisions from here is which branch of engineering to go with. You’ll want to look at what they do to see if it is something that resonates with you, but you also want to know what is in demand. Two of the highest demand engineering careers are civil and mechanical engineering.

  • Civil Engineering Careers – This could be the best option if the idea of designing and building infrastructure projects is interesting to you. You’ll deal with many different aspects, including geotechnics, mechanics, hydraulics, and using computer-aided design. You can further specialize in structural, transportation, or architectural engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering Careers – How things work – the mechanics of it – is something most of us find fascinating. If your interest goes further, such as not just figuring out how something works, but how to make it work and how to improve it, then mechanical engineering could be your best occupational choice. Coming up with innovative ideas and applying the various dynamics and analysis to get to a working solution can be very exciting. Mechanical engineering careers can take many different routes, including transportation systems, robotics, and manufacturing.

Once you have selected your field of study and progressed through your education, your next step is applying for a position with a company that will provide room for advancement and works with you in a friendly atmosphere to grow and thrive in your chosen career. Here at Belanger Engineering, we serve all of the GTA with top quality engineering services and we believe we have a lot to offer to new and experienced engineers interested in advancing their engineering careers. If you love to build things, consider the many engineering careers available today. Contact us today with any questions you may have!