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engineering careersWhen it comes to our careers, we often put a lot of thought into what we will be doing and much less into where we will be doing it! Because job satisfaction can impact your overall happiness in your daily life, it might be a good idea for you to start considering the type of place where you would like to work, as well as what you will be doing there. This often leads to a diverged path: big or small? Do you want to work with a large Fortune 500 company or a smaller firm where you know everyone’s name? Here at Belanger Engineering, we believe that smaller companies are the way to go, and we have come up with a few reasons why you would enjoy your engineering career at a smaller company:

  1. Get to see the end results. One of the most frustrating things about working for a large company is that you are often the piece of a much, much larger machine. While you might spend hours designing and collaborating a project, you also might never see the end results of your work. At a smaller company, you can often see a project through from start to finish!
  2. Easier to collaborate. Meetings and more meetings are a common complaint of large companies. Within a smaller company, you often get face time with your peers, managers, and the CEO and CFO.
  3. Excitement in the workplace. Smaller companies are often looking for people who share their passion for the work and excitement about growing the company. When everyone you work with shares your vision about the thrilling work you’re completing, it’s much easier to get up and go to work every day!

For your engineering career, we want to help you start small. Contact our team at Belanger Engineering to learn more about our engineering career prospects today!