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elevatorsAnyone developing a multi-level commercial property is faced with the choice of what type of transition should be used to get from one floor to the next.  The usual options are stairs, escalators, and elevators.  While every building should have a set of stairs for emergency purposes, your building would benefit greatly from choosing elevators as the main option available for general use.  Why?  Here are the top reasons:

  • Energy Efficient: New developments and advancements in elevator technology have lowered the amount of energy required to operate elevators, making them a formidable opponent to escalators and stairs. Some elevators can even generate energy each time they are used, saving you even more on energy costs.
  • Conserve Space: Stairs and escalators take up a lot of room in your building that could be used for other purposes. Installing elevators can save you space and help you make the most of your building. Elevators also allow for no limits on how many floors your building can be; they make it possible for even the highest floors on sky scrapers to be easily accessible.
  • Multi-Purpose & User Friendly: Elevators can be used for many purposes.  In addition to carrying passengers, you can also use the elevators in your building to easily transport office supplies, packages, or other large items that would be difficult to carry up a flight of stairs or on an escalator.  Elevators also allow for easy transport of passengers with strollers or in wheel chairs that would be limited by other options.