Keep Your Elevators Safe with Regular Maintenance

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If you have elevators in your building, it is no surprise that they will need regular maintenance. After all, the electrical and mechanical equipment and components of your elevator are in near constant motion. The amount of maintenance and frequency of this maintenance will vary depending on several factors, including how old your elevator is, where it is located and how frequently it is used.

Keep Your Elevators Safe with Regular Maintenance

While there are safety rules about elevators and how often they are examined by a certified professional, it is usually advisable to have more regular inspections and maintenance. This increased vigilance can reduce repair costs over time, while ensuring that your elevators are operational when the people who live or work in your building need them the most.

Maintenance items for elevators include:

  • Cleaning elevator components
  • Lubricating the moving parts
  • Making minor adjustments
  • Performing visual inspections and recommended safety tests

One of the other advantages of performing regular routine maintenance on your elevators is that you will generally extend their lifespan. No amount of maintenance will allow an elevator to last forever, and it will eventually need to be significantly repaired, or even upgraded or retrofitted. Total elevator replacement is something that you should plan for in your long-term budgeting.

If you have any questions about your elevators, from how to maintain them to questions about the regulations and mandated examinations you must schedule, give us a call here at Belanger Engineering. We can take care of all your maintenance and repair needs, as well as advising you about major elevator overhauls.