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ElevatorsMany of us rely on elevators to get us from point A to point B during our daily lives, whether it’s in a parking garage, to the eighth floor of an office, or to a doctor’s office on the fifth floor of a building. All elevators use a complex mechanical system, which includes three main parts:

  1. Machine room – This is the mechanical portion of the elevator that houses the motor, hoisting machines, and control equipment.
  2. Hoist way – This component of the elevator system contains the guiderails and counterweights on which the elevator car runs.
  3. Elevator car – This is the box used for travel that is typically fire-proof and well ventilated.

Routine maintenance of these components is of utmost importance if you want people to be able to travel safely to their destination. Routine elevator maintenance usually includes making sure that the elevator operates properly and that the starting and stopping functions work as they should. It also involves testing out the elevator support systems, such as the emergency lights, alarms, and telephones, as well as assessing the overall physical condition of the system.

While this is a simplified version of what routine elevator maintenance may include, having your elevator checked regularly and making sure it is up to code will help everyone in your building feel safe and secure while riding to their destination. If you suspect that your elevators need maintenance, or you simply have general questions about elevator wear and tear, call Belanger Engineering today!