What You Need to Know About Building Envelopes

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Here at Belanger Engineering, we want to help you make your building the best it can be. One thing you can do to improve your building across the board is to assess your building envelope and attend to any deficiencies . In this article, we’ll go over more about what building envelopes are and why they matter to help you understand how best to tackle this aspect of your building plan.

What You Need to Know About Building Envelopes

What are Building Envelopes? 

The term building envelope is used to describe the separation between the interior and exterior of a structure, and it refers to the entire exterior building system, including the walls, siding, roof, floor, doors, windows, insulation, and many other components. Robust building envelopes are necessary for providing effective climate control, and for protecting the interior environment.

What do Building Envelopes Do? 

As we mentioned above, building envelopes separate the inside of a building from the outside. This serves a variety of essential functions, from keeping the rain off your head, to keeping the interior temperature comfortable. The ideal building envelope is completely seamless, with overlapping protection to prevent passive heat transfer, control humidity, and keep out outdoor contaminants such as mold.

While no system is perfect, our team of skilled engineers can help you get the robust protections you need to ensure that your building is as comfortable as possible, and that you are using energy efficiently. If you have found that your building is difficult to heat or cool, or that you have persistent moisture problems, we encourage you to give us a call to find out more about how we can help.