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building envelopesHere in Ontario, we know that they call our country the Great White North for a reason. The winters here can be harsh and long, making heat in buildings an important feature. In commercial buildings, the cost to heat the large amount of square footage can sky rocket when the temperatures drop.  So how can you make sure that your building maintains as much of the heat as possible?  Make sure that it has a proper building envelope.

Building envelopes are the barriers between the inner climate of your building and the outside world.  The quality of this shell can make a huge difference in how much money you spend in heating or cooling your building.

Building envelopes should be designed to give you the maximum insulation and be constructed using quality materials and workmanship.  Great building envelopes will resist any penetration from the outside elements including air flow and water.

Make sure you choose a company that is experienced with building envelopes to design yours.  High quality, dependable work will lead to countless savings and a worry-free future.