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Garage Restoration in Toronto, OntarioParking garages need to be incredibly sturdy and well-engineered in order to support the weight of hundreds of cars on multiple different levels. At Belanger Engineering, we use the latest techniques and solutions for garage restoration to ensure that your parking garage can stand up to daily use and provide cost-effective options. Even then, you will need to do your part to care for the parking structure afterward to extend the length of time between restoration projects:

  • Regularly Inspect Floors- Take the time to regularly walk through the parking building following the garage restoration process. Once every few weeks, any parking garage owner should walk throughout the structure and search for issues that indicate spalling damage. Pay close attention to large chunks or even chips of the concrete breaking, cracks within the concrete, and pitting or flaky surfaces.
  • Inspect the Ceilings- In addition to examining the floors on a regular basis, you need to do the same with the ceiling to check for water spots. When water leaks through the parking structure, it can create efflorescence, which is a milky white acidic substance. It will make the ceiling look worse and can damage paint on cars, as well. Belanger Engineering has engineered solutions that will provide garage users with a safe and reliable place to park their cars and protect their assets.

Check Drains- Every parking structure needs to have drains. During your garage restoration, we will ensure they are placed in the proper locations. Later on, you should check them regularly for clogs or damage because these issues will lead to standing water in the structure and water damage.