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Why You Should Consult an Engineering Firm Regarding Roof Replacement

Are you getting frustrated because you’ve just been told your building needs yet another roof replacement? It may feel like it is premature and that could very well be the case. You may think that you’ve just had really bad luck choosing a roof replacement company, when the real problem may be something a bit more complex. If you don’t resolve the underlying cause for the premature failure, you’ll be facing yet another roof replacement sooner than you want. The solution may lie in consulting an engineering firm before you proceed.

A scarier thing to think about is that if there is a structural problem with your building’s roof, you could have more at risk than repeated roof replacement. Structural deficiencies are the leading cause of structural collapse. This can happen under adverse conditions, such as heavy snowfall, or just as a snowball effect when one component fails and brings the rest down like a house of cards. Improper roof drainage can be a contributing factor, as can improper pitch, inferior or improper materials used in construction, or too much weight when numerous roof replacement projects never removed existing materials.

If you want peace of mind that your building’s roof is safe and there aren’t any conditions that will result in far too many roof replacement dollars being spent, let our engineering team at Belanger Engineering take a look. We serve the GTA with the engineering services you need for assessing a current roof or designing the roof as part of a new building so you can be sure you will get the long, safe life you want. Don’t let a collapsed roof put your project behind — contact us today and let us put our 30+ years of experience to work for you.