What You Need to Know About Repair Planning

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Here at Belanger Engineering, we want to help you keep your building in the best possible condition, and one way that we do that is by offering repair planning services. We understand that the concept of repair planning is unfamiliar to many people, so we have put together this article to provide a basic overview of what it is and the benefits it provides.

What You Need to Know About Repair Planning

What is Repair Planning?

As the name suggests, repair planning is essentially a process of anticipating what repairs your building will need in the future (and when) and preparing for those repairs. The process begins with what’s called a condition assessment to check each of the building’s major structures and systems and see what kind of shape they are in. Once our team knows that information, we will put together a timeline for what needs to be serviced and in what order, with the most pressing issues being addressed first and systems that are in better condition being serviced later.

What are the Benefits of Repair Planning?

The main benefit of repair planning is that it prevents you from being blindsided when problems occur. Rather than having to scramble to get emergency repair services and frantically find money in the budget to cover the costs of these repairs, you can simply follow your pre-determined repair plan and pay for these services using the money earmarked for them in your operating budget. All in all, repair planning helps keep your operation running more smoothly and ensures you are prepared for anything.