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thermographic analysisDamaged wiring, insulation breakdown, loose connections, corrosion, and other issues can force machines to work outside of their specifications. However, identifying these issues without using invasive techniques can be difficult. This is why, at Belanger Engineering, we recommend allowing us to perform a thermographic analysis of your building in Mississauga, Ontario and its components.

Using specialized equipment, we can catch abnormal temperatures that may indicate your building’s components are failing to work at an optimal level. In turn, this can help you optimize operating times and reduce repair costs on a short and long-term basis.

Thermographic analyses can also be used to determine if there are temperature variations in a building system. As a result, by having a thermographic analysis conducted, we can ascertain whether energy inefficiencies and losses are harming your building’s overall operations and contributing to cost inefficiency.

Please be aware that it is highly beneficial to have your building and its components analyzed using thermographic technology on a regular basis. This is because as electrical and mechanical components deteriorate over time, their heat levels steadily increase until a point of complete failure is reached. Consistent thermographic analyses can detect issues early on and prevent costly production outages.

If you would like to schedule a thermographic analysis or find out more about what this service entails, reach out to us at Belanger Engineering today. As a team of building science engineers, we exist to help you enhance the performance of your building as a whole in a cost-effective, customizable manner.