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Corporate buildings require a great deal of energy usage on a daily basis. Energy is used to moderate the temperature and to power appliances such as lights, computers, printers, copiers, paper shredders, TVs, refrigerators, and everything else in an office setting that uses electricity to function. With the high level of energy usage in commercial buildings, an energy audit is highly recommended. This audit would help you define the energy usage and is the best first step for developing a conservation plan.

Commercial Energy Audits
Conserving energy is important for your commercial property for two main reasons:

  1. Using less energy will save you a lot of money in the utilities that you pay.
  2. Using less energy reduces your carbon footprint and is good for the environment.

Energy AuditsThe end result of energy audits is to minimize the amount of energy used to complete the same functions. You don’t need to have employees sweating because you don’t have the air conditioning running; you just need to have the right equipment upgraded, so everything is more energy efficient.
Here are a few things that you should consider based on your energy audit results:

  • Upgrading your lights to ones that are motion activated and/or on a timer
  • Installing newer and more energy-efficient models for heating and air conditioning
  • Installing newer toilets
  • Installing a new thermostat that allows for creating automated settings
  • Updating computers, phones, copiers, printers, and other electronics in the office

Energy audits help you determine what appliances may be wasting energy, so you know what needs to be replaced and updated. Making your commercial property more energy-efficient is a very smart investment to make; it pays for itself quickly and provides a return on your investment for a long period of time. Don’t put off having an energy audit completed for your commercial property, as it can lead to very beneficial changes and updates.