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Mechanical engineering is a very diverse field of expertise which derives its broad spectrum from the need to design and manufacture things from large systems (machine tools and spacecraft) to small individual devices and parts (printer nozzles and micro-scale sensors). It’s the mechanical engineer’s role to take a product from an idea into the marketplace.

In order to achieve this, many skills and knowledge are needed, which a mechanical engineer must acquire. You must understand the thermal environment that a product, its subsystems and its parts will encounter; know how to design them for aesthetics, functionality and the ability to withstand the forces they will be exposed to, and to determine the best way to manufacture them, and to ensure they work without failing.

But perhaps the one skill that’s the exclusive domain to anyone in the world of mechanical engineering is the ability to design and analyze systems and objects with motion.

The diversity of mechanical engineering disciplines will open you up to many career options. Regardless of the specific path you envision for yourself after graduation, your education will have provided you with the creative thinking that allows you to design an exciting system or product, the analytical tools to achieve your design goals, and the ability to overcome restraints.

If you’re qualified and looking for a position in Toronto, send an email to the Operations Manager at Belanger Engineering ([email protected]). In the subject line, state “Mechanical Engineering,” and attach a cover letter indicating your salary expectations and your resume. No phone calls will be accepted.

Have You Got What It Takes to Succeed in Mechanical Engineering