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At Belanger Engineering, we conduct performance audits at residential facilities throughout the Toronto area, specializing in high-rise condominiums and multi-unit facilities. During our experience conducting these audits, we have learned that there are a few common errors that can occur, and our team does our best to avoid them. Here are a few of these common mistakes and how our team prevents them from occurring:

•   Inadequate review — To avoid making errors, our professionals abide by a comprehensive review process during performance audits. After the initial report has been drafted, it is reviewed by multiple professionals to ensure calculation errors and inappropriate recommendations are eliminated.

Common Mistakes Made During Performance Audits and How We Avoid Them

•   Overestimation of energy savings — One of the purposes of performance audits is to help organizations identify areas in which energy savings can be achieved at their location. Since it is impossible to account for all factors that affect energy savings, our auditors are conservative when making estimates, so reasonable cost savings can be achieved.

•   Poorly described building components — Performance audits include full descriptions of the components of a building. Although we provide full descriptions for all building components, we focus on the components that can help our clients’ facilities achieve energy savings. In many cases, the main components that offer potential opportunities for saving at a location include lighting and HVAC equipment.