Civil Engineering Companies: What Do They Do?

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You may have heard the term “civil engineer” but are not exactly sure what civil engineering companies do. Civil engineering companies deal with the design, maintenance and construction of physical structures. Civil engineers are professionals who have extensive training that prepares them to plan public works projects and oversee the implementation of those projects, either in the private sector or for the government. Because the range of projects is so vast, many civil engineers choose an area to specialize in, and the following is a list of some of the types of projects that civil engineering companies do.

Civil Engineering Companies: What Do They Do?

  • Residential. No matter if the project is an individual home or a high rise apartment building, civil engineering companies offer a spectrum of services that prepare your site for construction, such as grading design, erosion and sediment control, and drainage planning.
  • Commercial. Banks, parking lots and garages, restaurants, shopping centres and office buildings are just a few of the commercial projects that civil engineering companies design and oversee.
  • Water Management. The design and development of water storage, drinking water supply, water distribution, storm water and watershed management, and wastewater treatment and collection are a few of the types of projects civil engineers do in water management.
  • Institutions. Corporate buildings, hospitals, retirement homes, schools and colleges are a few types of institutions that need civil engineering companies to help them in the design phase and all through construction.

As you can see, civil engineering companies play a huge role in the design and building of all kinds of structures. If you are considering a project and find yourself in need of a civil engineer, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at Belanger Engineering today!