Electrical Engineering, Mississauga, ON

We have experienced electrical engineering staff members in Mississauga, ON who can take on any job your company needs.

mechanical engineeringElectrical engineering is a field that involves testing, designing, and developing electrical equipment for use in a variety of industries. Some of the major areas in which electrical engineers might work include automobiles, communications systems, power generation, navigation and radar, and electronic equipment. The education for electrical engineering is heavily based on math and science, so students learn how different aspects of electrical wiring and currents work together to provide electricity to various items. Most jobs require completion of at least a bachelor’s degree, as well as some relevant work experience, so students of electrical engineering should seek internships and other opportunities to develop their skills.

Electrical engineering jobs are projected to grow by about 4% across the country by the year 2022. Engineering is a strong field where experienced candidates can typically find work, but it can be more difficult for new grads who don’t have a lot of work experience on their resumes. However, as technology continues to advance, electrical engineers should be able to find employment.

At Belanger Engineering, we have experienced electrical engineering staff members who can take on any job your company needs. When our company started 25 years ago, we had structural and civil engineering services available to customers, and we have since expanded to include mechanical and electrical engineering. We are recognized throughout the community as a firm that customers can trust to handle any and all of their engineering needs. Our team works well together and is known to produce results.




At Belanger Engineering, we offer electrical engineering services in Toronto, GTA, Mississauga, Markham, and Ajax, Ontario.