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Balcony Restoration

There are many things that can cause structural damage to a balcony, not to mention how time alone can cause them to be less than safe. There have been several incidents where people have been killed or injured when a balcony suddenly collapses.

Situations where balconies collapse happen more than you might think, and the sad part is these situations are completely avoidable. With regular inspections of your home or commercial property balconies and going forward immediately if balcony restoration is advised, you don’t need to risk lives and the resulting legal battle you’d face if the worst were to happen.

In addition to the liability concerns that make balcony restoration vital, also consider how an ugly balcony could impact your company reputation and the value of your building. This is also the case for a balcony on a personal residence. Balcony restoration could be the best improvement you make this year for aesthetic purposes.

If you want peace of mind that your home or business balcony is safe and structurally sound, give us a call at Belanger Engineering. Our balcony restoration services will restore your balcony for years of enjoyment. Reach out to us today to learn more about the projects we’ve completed over the past 20+ years in the GTA. We look forward to meeting all of your needs for balcony restoration and more!