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it is important to carefully consider building review & financial planning services

Owning or managing the operations of a large building can be a difficult task. You must keep track of every necessary repair, each cleaning need, and the ins and outs of regular building maintenance from replacing lightbulbs to controlling building temperature. That is a lot to manage!

With a big task like this, it is important to carefully consider building review & financial planning services. There are several different elements involved in the services offered for building review & financial planning. Here are some of the services you could consider to help with your building:

  • Thermographic Analysis: Learn how to make your building more energy efficient with the data from a thermographic analysis tracking movement of hot and cool air throughout the building.
  • Energy Audits: An energy audit goes one step further than thermographic analysis. It takes a holistic view of energy inputs and outputs in a building in order to provide recommendations for greater energy efficiency.
  • Reserve Fund Studies: To assist with financial planning, a reserve fund study sets forth recommendations to ensure one has adequate funds provided for future repairs and replacements to maintain building integrity.
  • Condition Assessments & Repair Planning: These assessments review the building and identify areas that require repair or replacement and assist in life cycle planning for future maintenance.

These are a few of the many services involved in building review & financial planning. You can access these services and more when you work with Belanger Engineering. Contact us to learn more about our premier building review & financial planning.