What is Structural Engineering?

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Structural engineering is one of many types of engineering that fall under the umbrella of civil engineering and deals with the support aspects of different structures. Structural engineers ensure that your structure or building is sturdy and strong and can withstand external forces and its own weight. Without structural engineering, the structural system of a property can be compromised, which can lead to problems that carry serious implications.

What is Structural Engineering?

When you consider all of the load, weight, and force that any structure needs to be able to support and withstand, it seems like a serious feat of engineering that buildings on large scales are able to exist. The immense weight of a large building is a lot to accommodate, without even considering the extra force that high-rise buildings must withstand. Structural engineering makes all of this possible, and if you are looking to construct, renovate, or restore a property, it is a wise choice to consult and enlist the services of a skilled, experienced structural engineer.

At Belanger Engineering, we offer structural engineering services in the Toronto, Ontario area. We know the importance of building specifications and keeping things safe for all. Whether you are looking to construct a new building, would like to shore up supports and renovate an existing structure, or need to enhance the support and ensure safety of an underground garage that is the foundational support for a larger structure, we can help.

We have over 20 years of experience and the expertise and vast knowledge needed to take care of all of your engineering needs, from design to construction and implementation. We specialize in projects of this size and are confident that we can find effective solutions for your specific needs. Give us a call today to consult and schedule with our skilled team!