What Causes Public Swimming Pool Leaks?

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Public swimming pools are the perfect spot for summertime fun, but like home swimming pools, they can become damaged as time goes by. Perhaps the most common type of swimming pool damage is leaks. If you manage a public swimming pool, it’s important to know what the main causes of leaks are so you can do your part to help prevent them.

What Causes Public Swimming Pool Leaks?

Here are a few of the biggest causes of public swimming pool leaks:

  • Normal wear and tear. Swimming pools see a lot of visitors in the warmer months, and all of this usage produces normal wear and tear on the surface of the pool. Public swimming pool leaks can easily be explained by the wear and tear produced by thousands of people using the pool over the years.
  • Pump issues. A pool’s pump plays a vital role in keeping the pool water sanitary. It circulates the water and is constantly at work. Over time, a pool pump can break down or become affected by factors like broken pipes or low water levels, resulting in a pool leak.
  • Old equipment and accessories. Pools require a lot of behind-the-scenes moving parts to function properly, and all of them are susceptible to leak-causing damage. Other accessories, including pool tiles, can also become loose from age or damage and cause leaks.

Here at Belanger Engineering, we perform pool repairs for a variety of issues, including public swimming pool leaks. If you manage a public swimming pool and are concerned about a leaking issue, give us a call.