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tile roofs have significantly longer lifespans

When you have an important property, either your home, rental income property or even business property, you want it well cared for and protected! Your roof is just one of the most important parts of these structures that enable everything underneath to function. One of the hardest things about roofs is just trying to decide which type of the many roofing options out there is the best for you. Here at Belanger Engineering, we work with many different types of roofs and would love to share with you a little of the roofing knowledge we have gleaned from being in business for 20+ years.

The type of structure that you have might determine your roofing type. Roofs that are flat, such as on large properties, commercial properties or rentals will usually require roofing materials that can withstand direct sunlight and remain waterproof. Rubber or EPO roofs are generally what you’ll find for flat roofs. Angled roofs, on the other hand, will do well with either shingle, metal or even tile roofs. Whether your angled roofs are large-scale, such as on a church or other large property, or on a smaller scale, like a single-family home, you’ll need professional installation of these materials. 

Aside from considering the type of roof, you have to determine which material is best for you. Metal and tile roofs have significantly longer lifespans, nearly 50 years in some cases, to shingle roofs, which are often closer to 10-20 years.

No matter what type of roofs or roofing materials you are considering, we are happy to help you here at Belanger Engineering. Give us a call today for questions about roofs.