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Part of caring for your building is ensuring that it is always in good condition. This requires regular condition assessments along with repairs. You won’t want to do either of these tasks yourself unless you have several engineering degrees and experience with construction. Luckily, engineering companies specialize in assessing your building’s condition and repair planning. Whether you are trying to plan the repairs yourself or you are working with our engineering firm, the general steps to complete the planning will be similar:

The Steps to Effective Repair Planning

  • Determining the Issues- The very first step to repair planning is figuring out what repairs are needed. This is where a condition assessment comes in, as it will indicate what areas of your building are weak and need to be better maintained. Never try to figure out what repairs are necessary yourself; hire us to help you out with this step of the process.
  • Condition Assessments & Repair Planning in Toronto, Ontario Get an Estimate- Once you know what work needs to be done, the next step in repair planning is to talk to companies and get quotes for the work. This allows you to select the best deal and ensure that the company you choose isn’t ripping you off.
  • Choose a Contractor- Finally, you will have to select which contractor you want to hire to do the repairs for your property. Remember to consider things like experience and certifications in addition to cost.

At Belanger Engineering, repair planning is one of our many specialties. Please contact us today for more information about what this process entails and how we can assist you.