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building reviewBuilding review is an integral part of the construction business.  Without proper assessments and analysis, home buyers and business owners would have no way to gauge if the contractor delivered the promised result.  No one wants to be stuck with a poorly constructed building, which may result in higher maintenance costs, necessary repairs, or even property damage and health issues.  Building review is also the best way to diagnose a problem in an existing structure so it can be fixed.  Building review can include the following:

  • Energy Audits: A number of tests are performed to determine the energy efficiency of your building and any steps that could be taken to improve this efficiency are identified.
  • Condition Assessments: These assessments are reports of what the conditions are currently like in a building.  Consider this your diagnosis of how things are as well as repair recommendations, if any.
  • Performance Audits: These are similar to condition assessments, but they are meant to pinpoint problems in new construction.  The Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act requires performance audits to be done on all new homes.
  • Thermographic Analysis: Another way to check the building for energy efficiency, a thermographic analysis is good to include in a building review because it is a non-destructive method that will not only test for areas where you may be experiencing heat loss but also reveal any existing water leakage.