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At Belanger Engineering, our firm of building science engineers serves the needs of building owners and condominium corporations in Toronto, Ontario. Our consulting services are designed to aid in the evaluations, repairs, and maintenance needs of properties and buildings. On every project we work on, we make the effort to understand the unique requirements of the structure, comprehend and resolve technical issues, and ultimately provide cost-effective solutions for our clients.

If you are interested in a career that offers multiple opportunities for advancement, we encourage you to pursue employment options with us. It is our desire to help you put your engineering degree to use and provide you with a highly rewarding and exciting career. By joining our team, not only will you be able to escape the confines of a desk, but you will also experience a new approach to engineering that allows you to see the real and tangible results of your efforts on a daily basis. For more information about the career opportunities we have available or to gain greater insight into the types of projects we work on, contact us at Belanger Engineering today.”

Searching For Engineering Jobs You’re On The Right Path