Prepare for the Future with Our Repair Planning Services

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Owning a large building can be a great investment, but only if the building is properly maintained over time. With our condition assessment and repair planning services, you will never have to wonder what the future holds for your building. Before you begin repair planning, you will need a comprehensive report about your building’s current condition and potential future condition. This will help you create a timeline for major system repairs and replacements, reducing the number of unexpected costs you incur.

Prepare for the Future with Our Repair Planning Services

So, what can you expect during one of our full condition assessments of your building?

  • Data collection: We will collect a variety of data about your building. This may include photographic records of your building site, grounds, building envelope, structural systems, mechanical systems and other interior components. We may need documents, to interview people who use the building regularly and to complete testing and monitoring onsite.
  • Data analysis: Once all the data has been collected, we will carefully analyze it. Using statistical summarization, we will work to estimate quantities and costs into the future.
  • Report preparation: While we are working on a report, we will double-check our data and analyses to ensure accurate reporting to you.
  • Report presentation: We will do our best to present the information in a way that is easy to understand, because we know that you must fully comprehend it to make use of it during the repair planning process.

To be effective, repair planning must include all components of your building, including the HVAC system, the plumbing system and the electrical system, among other things. We can work with you to create a 10-year capital plan for your facility, allowing you to better prepare for long-term budgeting.