Our Balcony Restoration Services [infographic]

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At Belanger Engineering, we take balcony restoration very seriously because we know the safety concerns involved. If harsh environmental conditions or age have led to structural degradation or there has been damage due to fire or another cause, you need to know that we can accurately assess the situation and provide reliable solutions to restore your balcony and make it safe for years to come. There are a variety of services we offer that can give you peace of mind that this outdoor space can be utilized in the manner you desire.

Our Balcony Restoration Services [ infographic]

  • Analyze the balcony- The first step to any balcony restoration is determining the condition and what it will take to resolve the problem that led to the degradation or damage in the first place.
  • Balcony re-sloping– Often the problem is that waterproofing has not been able to do its job properly because there isn’t the right amount of slope for water to drain effectively. We ascertain the correct slope and make plans to accomplish this so water infiltration and standing water are not issues after your balcony restoration.
  • Balcony slab repair or replacement– If everything looks good from a drainage and slope consideration, but the slab itself has become damaged or reached the end of its lifespan, we’ll let you know the repair or replacement option that resolves the problem.
  • Balcony railing repair or replacement– A good strong balcony is important, of course, but so is the railing. People often put pressure against a railing while gazing out at the view, so to keep them safe, it is important to have the railings checked out regularly and any needed repairs or replacement taken care of.
  • Balcony waterproofing– If you want to be sure that you get the longest life from your balcony and thus delay the need for balcony restoration, it is important to have it waterproofed when it is installed and repeated later if the waterproofing is not performing as it should.