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On the surface, it might seem that since civil engineering is about building things and green concerns are about the preservation of the environment, that these two would be worlds apart. The reality is that civil engineering shown an interest in efficiency even before green became front-page news. One of the first things that comes to mind when you think green is the mantra of the three Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle. So, how many ways does civil engineering embrace these three? You might be surprised.

How Civil Engineering is Embracing Green Technology

  • Reduce – While the best thing for reducing would be to stop construction, obviously that isn’t feasible. However, civil engineering can address ways to reduce the impact on the environment. By designing quality stormwater runoff systems, for example, we can see a reduction in the impact that development can have on soil. Since erosion has never been an optimal situation, this practice has always been part of the process.
  • Civil engineeringReuse – There are many ways in which an old building can be reused. Civil engineering allows for taking advantage of existing infrastructure. In addition, with a goal of being greener, engineers can work with natural and manmade features on the property to incorporate them into the development instead of removing them.
  • Recycle – You may have noticed that there are plenty of recycled materials going into new construction these days. Any project can be made greener by sending off demolition and construction debris to be recycled. Stormwater systems can be developed to utilize the gray water for irrigation and other uses.

Here at Belanger Engineering, we take our cue from you when it comes to applying green concerns into designs and rebuilds. We customize every civil engineering project to individual needs and goals so that costs and site constraints can be balanced with environmental concerns. We have extensive experience with efficiency issues, which are also an important part of protecting the environment. Contact us today with your questions about any of our engineering services.